Intuitive Sessions

Intuitive sessions are about our energy fields connecting and letting the universe flow. My role in the session is to provide you with answers to your questions&connect you to your own wisdom&let the energies necessary to work through me to you. You may have questions before hand or you might hand the experience to your higher mind. My intent is to connect you with your own truth, your own source, provide you with crystal clear answers and to assist your expansion&you in your path&current situation. Sometimes the world surprises us with what wants to come through.

The sessions give you:

  • clarity
  • focus
  • direction
  • answers to your questions
  • help you to release stuck energies
  • understanding to your current situation
  • support
  • guidance
  • new perspective
  • connect you with yourself

The price for the session is 170 euros and the session is 1 hour or more ~ depending on the situation. You can get to the booking form from below. When you send the form to me, it will arrive to my e-mail where I will confirm it and I will send you the scheduling link – from which you can choose the best time for you to have the session.



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