You have set forth an intention to the Universe that which for it come to life calls for an upgrade in your energy field. An upgrade in your energetic body. A shift in your current belief set. A change in your current state of consciousness in order for it to manifest. What was your intention?

Activation sessions are about shifts in your consciousness, new levels – freer levels – of being. The activations are designed to bring you new clarity, release energies, cultivate new ways of being, shifts to a new perspective and living in more alignment with yourself, true to your own self. They are for you if you

  1. want to experience more alignment with yourself
  2. are ready to step into a new way of thinking and being


The activations bring you

  1. new level of being
  2. changes in your mind set
  3. changes in the levels of understanding
  4. clarity
  5. more of a life that reflects you

The energies start to circulate already before our session and it lets you to get introduced with the new energies. You can decide whether to continue with it or not or choose another path. Before a session there is a 15-minute pre-talk if we are new to each other to get to know each other first and to decide if the activation is a right for you. The activation session consists of focused, high-vibratory energies that are transmitted through me to you and holding a high-vibratory state that releases your body’s stuck energies.

 The energy that gets introduced to your system acts as a catalyst; a new vibrational set point which helps you to release the patterning in the body and in the mind.

Intuitive sessions and activations differ in the intention behind them. The activations are more direct and intense in the way they work in the body and releasing the cellular memories. They require from you a state of mind where you are taking mastery of your own being. Intuitive sessions are more about gaining clarity and focus to your situation at hand. Both of them will help you at what you need. When deciding which one to take, think whether you are wanting to go boldly to a new state (activation) or are you needing to gain clarity and understanding (intuitive session) to your situtation at hand. Both of the sessions work on an energetical level.

Tiina is easy to be around with. In the beginning we talked and I felt the urge to talk about my issues. It felt really natural to just let the things come out. We talked for a while about my life situation and what I wanna do in my life, plans etc.

During the treatment I felt light swinging as the energies started to move more freely in my body and it was over quickly. After the session I felt amazingly energetic and light. It was suddenly so new that it actually took a moment to get used to feeling so light! After the session I had to go through some stuff in order to let them go. Because I didn’t need them anymore, I was ready to let go of them and receive the new. Slowly the energy levels have balanced, however the new energy and the freedom to try new things has stayed.

The body’s cleanse showed up as mild flew and wanting to eat clean and in the beginning also very lightly. I felt like cleaning the house, to through away all the unnecessary things I didn’t need anymore so there is also fresher energies in the house.  Now afterwards I feel more confident and it is easier to accomplish things. My joy for life has increased, as the desire to be healthier, to be more in the nature and to eat cleaner. I am more kind and understanding towards others.

Change can be challenging when you have to let go of the old. It felt very natural to contact Tiina if I was wondering about something and I always got excellent and understanding support. I warmly recommend Tiina’s treatments if you are ready for happier future.



Tiina’s essence immediately promoted confidence and the lightness of her beingness conveyed particularly vividly and considerably even via Skype. I am very sensitive to energies and Tiina’s open and direct presence was immediately easy and comfortable to be in. Similarly, I felt immediately the effect of the activation as she started and there seemed to be a considerable amount of electricity in the air, which I just focused to receive. The activation felt comfortable in the body. Sometimes I got to take deep breaths as my stiffness melted away and got released from my body. Tiina told me as the process went through what took place during it, as well as gave her perceptions on the state of my being, which gave interesting things to reflect about my recent life situations.

My life is going through currently a bigger change and growth phase. We  discussed the current intuitions and my thoughts about the future. Tiina is a skilled facilitator, and she directed me to bring my vision to practical form: In what kind of situations and environments I would like to do what I want to do? Would I be ready now to receive ..? And other elaborate questions. We went through my relationship with my visions, and talked about what is needed in order for me to start to act upon them, believing them unconditionally. This made my dreams more concrete and gave a lot of confidence that things can very well go in that direction.

After the treatment, I felt clearer, brighter and more balanced. The activation felt like it gave me a more wider yet smoother way of being in a good way, giving at the same time a particular kind of boost. The widening feels like increased confidence towards life, its guidance and following intuition.

Based on my own experience I can say that the activation I received from Tiina was of great help -and a much-needed push- in my change phase that had been brewing already for some time. Her intuitive work was supportive, inspiring, sincerely enthusiastic and so accurate that I do not doubt her expertise in any other matters.

Ville T.

The price for the session is 200 euros and the session is 1,5 hour. You can get to the booking form from below. When you send the form to me, it will arrive to my e-mail where I will confirm it and I will send you the scheduling link – from which you can choose the best time for you to have the session.

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