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I am an energy worker, an activator. My work happens in the non-physical part of our existence – I re-program energetic bodies and decode the information in the bodies and in the consciousness field getting you to the next level of your journey.  I help people to transform, to excel, to advance, to embody more of themselves, take them to next level; to get back in touch with themselves, connect deep within themselves, release blockages, unlock their true potential & connect & – bring  forward the untamed, brilliant & glorious soul of yours!


I am highly-aware and sensitive, which enables me to access your subtle {and not so-subtle} energies; emotions, bodies’ vibrations that translate as thoughts, auric fields, higher realms. This way I am able to pinpoint you straight to the core of any issue. The energetic skills I have, developed naturally as I connected with my soul, embodied more & deeper presence and my core essence. I have been developing them & diving deep into self transformation ever since.



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